ICO Checklist was created by the team of analysts from the TOP Rating Agencies for ICO projects.

It includes more than 60 items on the most important factors investors use to evaluate projects.


In this checklist, you’ll discover:

How to increase the attractiveness of ICO project for potential investors

How to earn the highest rating reviews from ICO Rating Agencies

How to provide better experience for the ICO project users

How to structure the ICO project in a way it can have a global reach

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ICO Checklist is created for ICO projects and can be used at any stage of its development.
ICO Checklist is extremely recommended for ICO projects that want to be audited against the most essential criteria to increase and showcase its reliability and truthfulness for potential investors.

A Few Stats

94%Positive feedback from ICO projects
86%Rating increase for more than 2 points
63%Increase in number of users
44%Increase in investments
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